Other Venues

Below is a list of eateries I have sat down at outside Philly, DC or Boston.

Other Cities

Devi Indian Vegetarian Cuisine | Indian (South) | Exton, PA
Devi is a South Indian vegetarian restaurant serving both buffet and classic menus. The eatery is most noted for dosai and has attracted a greater amount of non-Indian clientele. It is located off Route 30 in Exton.

Emporium Brasil | Brasilian | New York, NY
Emporium Brasil is a restaurant located on Little Brasil’s street – West 46th Street between 5th and 7th Avenues. They serve a combination of vegetarian, seafood, and meat dishes with a mean flavour in a quite relaxed setting.
Review | Website

Ferrara | Italian | New York
Italian confectioner and gelateria. Pretty well known all around in the Big Apple, with three locations. Flagship location in Little Italy.
Blog post | Website

John J. Jeffries | American | Lancaster, PA
Purveyor of local and organic foods and eclectic dishes in which to serve customers. Fine dining in Lancaster County.
Review | Website

Meson Sevilla | Spanish | New York, NY
Located just off the Theatre District and just off NY’s Restaurant Row on 9th Ave, this restaurant serves both tapas and regular size dishes.
Review | Website

Pinkberry | Frozen Yogurt | New York, NY
Originally from California, fresh well-made frozen yogurt never disappoints with even fresher toppings.
Blog post | Website


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