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I am available and happy to do product reviews or race promotions on the blog. Simply send me an email with any details as needed.

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You can also follow me or glance through my pictures of various things, including recent race photo albums on Pinterest.

All recipes and content are the property of myself except where indicated. In the rare case it happens, any content borrowed or used from other sites will be done so with credit given to the author(s)/creator(s) in question and with permission if necessary.

Legal Disclaimers: The content in my blog is specifically written for informational purposes and should not be taken as formal medical advice as I am not in any health profession (physician, nutritionist, etc) or a fitness industry professional. Please consult a physician or the relevant fitness professional for any advice related to your specific needs.

Any product or race reviews done are done without any prior compensation and relevant disclaimers will be posted where necessary.


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