About Me

Inscription in bathroom wall of the Boston W, where I stayed on a business trip. 25 April 2010.

Greetings! My name is Charlene and as of April 2016, I reside in Arlington, Virginia, just outside our nation’s capital.  Prior to then, I lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where my academic career eventually threw me into the business world, and I’ve been in finance for the last ten years.

I’ve been a city dweller for as long as I can remember (okay, since first year of university), and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Having the time to explore my interests is what matters to me outside my professional life. I love exploring the world in my backyard as well as many places abroad. Less “stuff”, more experiences. I’m an active individual and I don’t even have a TV a home; I’d rather be living life than watching it, at least most of the time.  Even at home, I geek it out  playing video games with my partner or roleplaying with friends online or in person from graduate school.

And finally I stayed involved, fit and healthy between running, lifting, and a smattering of fitness class, more of which I’ve tried out since moving to DC.

I look forward to sharing my world and my thoughts on issues of the day – and of my life – with everyone.  At the forefront will be my journey in miles and smiles. Cheers.


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