Race Decisions and Biding My Time

With my last race of the spring fast arriving (Broad Street), I’ve looked into my race decisions for the fall and even Spring 2015.

First, the fall. I have a standing invite and complimentary bib for the Perfect 10 miler in West Windsor, NJ, just outside Princeton. My final decision will depend on whether I can hitch a ride there.

I am registered for the Philadelphia Marathon. Most likely, I’ll be biding my time in Philly until right after. Looking at various job posts, there are a seemingly endless array of possibilities for me. So timing and comfort, is ultimately what things come down to.

Right now, I’ve taken registration at the DC Half. Knock on wood, I’ll be living there by the time I run that race in March 2016.

For that race, I’ll likely be limiting my spring to that race, as I make new friends, going on dates (touch wood way more luck that I could only dream of in Philly) and getting used to my new surroundings and building a new and permanent life here.

Somewhere in all this, strength training will be a priority. When I move to DC, I’ll need to find a gym that isn’t cost prohibitive and a running group that was just as cool as City Sports in Walnut Street. The CS M Street (Dupont Circle) group seem to be a good group, and many of the groups seem to have 6:30pm or later start times, good for me as I anticipate I could be getting off work a bit later in my new surroundings.

I’m hopeful this year will deliver to me another full marathon finish without any training hiccups, as I’ve been wanting to complete the full Philly race for a few years. After that a relatively stress free transition to a happier life in my new surroundings.

Onward and upward. There is hope. 

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