The Love Run, Race Recap, Part 1

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The Love Run, Race Recap, Part 1

Race: The Philadelphia Love Run
Location: Center City, Fairmount Park and Strawberry Mansion, Philadelphia
Distance: 21.1 km (13.1 miles)
Date/Start Time: 29 March 2015, 8am
Distance Travelled to Compete: Negligible
Weather conditions: Very chilly, start temp of 27F, windy. Rose to mid-30s by 10am
Course conditions: Course was changed from last year partially because of the regatta. Flat downtown and mile 5 Fairmount hill remains the same. Mile 9 climb to the Strawberry Mansion bridge was new and circle through Dell Music Center was new.
Preview: CGI Racing, a NJ-based race company, runs their second iteration of the Love Run in Philadelphia, with a course change and way more awesome perks this year.

2 entrance top deck

Race Preview

For the second year, NJ-based CGI Racing comes through with even more perks for the 2015 edition of the Love Run. The key thing that caught me off guard was the course change, which I will elaborate on in Part 2. The expo was relocated to the Phillies’ Citizens Bank Park, which had the perfect space for a smaller expo, and wasn’t so static as the PA Convention Center can be. Only downside is that part of the expo was outdoors, or rather in the open stands, and given how windy it was and how cold the spring had started, proved to be unpleasant on that front.

The Expo

The expo was at Citizens Bank Park, which for some people, would prove quite convenient whereas drew complaints from others. Personally, living in the city, getting to the stadium is easy using the subway, though the walk from the subway to the first base gate proved quite annoying. We took a few escalators up to the clubhouse level where we were greeted by the welcome arch. I checked in with registration (given that I had a complimentary bib) and then proceeded to the very end of the bib line to pick up my bib. Quite easy and the area was loaded with volunteers. Downside? It was outdoors and quite windy. Thank GOODNESS it didn’t rain!

3 bib pickup

The bag certainly served its purpose, though some said on Facebook that the bag smelled of the worst PVC imaginable. Well I had to try to sniff the thing, but I could see why people were complaining.

4 bag pickup

Once we picked up our bibs, we headed into the club level area indoors, where a few of the race’s main vendors were set up. Mamma Chia, Philadelphia Runner, 2XU and a few others were lined up with their wares. I socialised with a few people that I knew and then proceeded to collect my mug.

7 mug

Pretty awesome.

We were told to go down one floor to check out more vendors and we grabbed a few more goodies. Vendors were lined up along the bottom floor.

6 lower floor expo

Also on the lower floor, was the coveted Phillies’ 2008 World Series trophy, apparently made by Tiffany and Co.

5 THAT trophy

I took a picture of it and with it. Quite a nice treat for the Love Run participants and visitors.

When I got home, I took a good look at the race shirt, which I really liked, although some runners on Facebook complained of the sleeves being too short. They were on the shorter side, but not terribly short for me.

8 shirt front

9 shirt back

Shirt was perfect thickness for a spring marathon.

The expo was on the smaller end for a 10,000 person marathon but the space for the expo was pretty good. Being at a ballpark allowed for a different atmosphere not to mention it was perfectly appropriate given that the Phillies in our race packet dropped two free Phillies tickets up to a $38 value in our goody bag. I redeemed my tickets that day so I’ll be taking the parents out in a few weeks as we always enjoy going to Phillies games. They don’t get any cheaper so this was quite a nice perk.

Expo was better set up in my opinion and those that took advantage of the ballpark tours were in for a real treat. Wind and weather aside, a very fun pre-race beginning!

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