Broad Street and the Homestretch

As I type this I cannot help but think, less than a day left. It’s been about two weeks or so since my last blog post, but with my biggest time-sinker – graduate school – nearly out of the way for good, these blog posts will be happening more frequently.

My life will be quite busy, but in ways that I have wanted.

Maybe a few side projects in addition to greater responsibility at my day job, further involvement in the running community, volunteer work, and if fate allows, a special someone in my life.

The last two weeks have allowed me to take a few steps forward, hitting up a few networking events and more regular training with the City Sports Run Club.


This month, Mizuno brings us a bunch of shoes to try and being the flat footed person I am, the rep decided I’d be best off in the Wave Inspire 10.


Incredible to say the least. This shoe was not only comfortable but the first shoe that I have not felt the need to have Superfeet in them. Fantastic.

The weekend before was the Broad Street Run. Needing a break after the Love Run, and with school getting to insane levels of craziness in the latter stages of my capstone project, I was forced to take my five weeks off running, with two straight weeks after the Love Run had ended. I did not train again with City Sports until mid-to late April and my goodness was I sluggish. Recently I had weighed myself and I was shocked I hardly gained any weight despite the lack of exercise, yet at the same time even more surprised when I lifted again. If I had lost any muscle it must have been negligible.

I hit up the Broad Street Expo to check out how things changed since it had been at Lincoln Financial Field a few years ago. One thing had not changed for sure was the queue:


Just as long with volunteers trying their best to corral the crowd. Inside, we had many stands holding the usual running wares, although for the first time, I had actually bought something I’d needed badly: Superfeet for dress shoes. No stores carry it in the area, but the North Wales Running store sure did at the expo and for a small discount to boot.


The expo also highlighted my epic failure with Star Wars trivia knowledge. Apparently there were exclusive “May the Fourth Be With You” shirts that the Independence Blue Cross table was holding.

Photo from, Broad Street collectible shirt

Photo from, Broad Street collectible shirt

To get one of these shirts you had to answer a trivia question. Unfortunately parsing through the wikipedia page did not help me with this question:

“What color is a wampa?”

Well, that did it. I had no idea. I guessed grey (the answer was white) and the attendant shook her head. Oh well I tried. Not to mention there were a mere 30 shirts available each day and many complaints abound on social media that not more were available. I also ran into Malinda of Twins Run and we were able to catch up – awesome times! She had scored her Star Wars shirt alright, although she had made two stabs at the questions (if I recall right).


Overall the race expo was much bigger than I recalled in 2012 with more made available to the runners and visitors. But I was most happy with the availability of the Superfeet dress soles. Now my feet will be fully comfortable at work.

On race day itself, I was planning to catch up with friends at the huge afterparty thrown together by Philadelphia Runner and Shake Shack in honor of the 10th anniversary of the store. I hit the subway first, but not before I saw this:


After I came out of the subway, I had a tough time, if not impossible time, crossing Broad Street to get to the section of FDR Park where the afterparty was being hosted. But it was worth the wait to make sure there was a gap at some point, at which I dashed through and made it to the other side.

I walked deep into the park where the boathouse was and saw the festivities go down. I met up with many friends who had run Broad Street, noshed on the vegetarian fare that was present and caught up with friends over some pretty solid beer.


Recently I’ve had no regrets slowly getting back into the swing of things as school winds down and I look forward to further getting involved with the running community. For starters though, I’ve been kicking my workouts back up to get fit again and get into a semi-training rhythm; I still have not decided on my early fall race yet as my trips abroad have not come to a final date.

And when they do, you’ll hear about my full race plans here. For now though, just to enjoy the moment, the upcoming graduation festivities and just soak it all in after years of misery, deprivation and sleeplessness, coupled with a greater sense of my strengths, greater resilience, many friends made in the classroom, the pavement and elsewhere, and many lessons learnt.


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