Ramping Up for the Love Run

The calm before the storm? Or the storm before the calm?

This winter has been brutal to say the least, especially considering the time since I finished the Walt Disney Marathon. We’ve had a few snow days, which thankfully have interrupted and cancelled several days of school now but with my capstone semester I have had little time to breathe, the absolute bare minimum time to train for the Love Run Half Marathon and zero time to blog.

It has also been difficult for me mentally, constantly being reminded of the world – and the people – I can no longer relate to because of my commitment to night school. With 47 days left until graduation, I have been making strides to not only manage a stressful workload but also take care of myself. However it has also been very difficult with lack of personal support. With the personal end continuing to deteriorate, last weekend, I decided to check in for counselling and I can only hope things can improve from here. Unfortunately I have reached that point where I don’t feel I can trust someone enough to talk to them without ridicule or stigma and that can be a tremendous problem.

At the same time, this is also where running comes in. On the scant Thursdays this semester I can make run club, my experiences with run club have been a lifeline. The running community on Twitter has been amazing and my interaction with fellow runners has helped me through and through.

Tomorrow I will be live tweeting my expo experience – race weekend could not have come at a better time. The Love Run this weekend will lift me in several ways well beyond running 13.1 miles and I cannot wait to share that experience again with you all. And pretty soon, I will be planning and picking my autumn races!

Are you racing this weekend or anytime soon? What are your training plans?


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