On Disney’s Door

So here it is. One day before I set off to Florida. It’s crazy how the time has passed and it’s been over two years since my last full marathon.

Obviously the race isn’t until Sunday, but it feels so weird and even more weird having to deal with a polar vortex that has struck the North and Northeast US bringing temperatures down to well below freezing and then in a day, going from that to scorching hot temperatures.

It’s a tale of the two extremes, but it will be nice to get away for a few days.

I’m excited and nervous. Excitedly nervous and nervously excited.

I’m going to enjoy Disney. Given my shin injury last fall, I know I cannot push it too much but I am fairly confident that I will do okay. A huge shout out to Brian from Phila Massages who helped me sort out my shin issue – AND gave me some critical running tips that helped turn my training around.

I’m thoroughly bummed however, I will be missing the key meetups for Disney – I completely missed out on the signups for the official RunDisney meetup and my flight will not be arriving in time for an informal meetup that someone else is having.

I’m also currently debating whether to head to Epcot or Magic Kingdom for the day Friday. But more or less my weekend is planned out. More or less. I’m thinking Epcot though, or at least leaning towards it.

For now, it’s just packing, checking my list, making sure things are together.

I plan on taking loads of pictures for my race/expo recap and loads more pictures when I get to Disney. I’ll be sharing as I can on Twitter!


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