The Way Back

It’s amazing how time flies when you are too busy. I’ll admit largely because of school, I haven’t been having a lot of fun lately. And as much as I love running, training for the WDW Marathon has hit a couple stumbling blocks. One of which I’ve solved since my inital issues, but the second, while less severe on the whole is quite annoying considering how close we are to race day.

I had decided to drop the Philadelphia Half Marathon due to my shin injury and as we reached the end of Thanksgiving, I decided to turn to Phila Massages to work my muscles and possibly get a professional’s opinion on the matter. Big changes abound since then, as I completed changed my running stance, with shorter strides but most importantly my legs underneath the core of my body and leading with my upper body. This allowed more impact on the middle of my foot and thus less pressure on my shins.

During runs, I wore calf sleeves and I wore compression socks literally as much as possible.


The result? Over time, my shins healed with the help of continuous weight training and stretching. In the last three weeks I’ve been able to work my way back up to 16 miles. But then it happened again: knee bursitis. It’s been five days since I’ve run, though my shins are completely fine, my left knee has felt wobbly. It’s felt very much like my other bursitis episodes and I just have to be careful not to rush back. At the same time I still need to get a few short runs in before I jet to Florida.

Nonetheless it seems like I cannot catch a break. Just two more weeks and then my legs can really take a long break. It’s not likely I’ll make it to the Love Run intact, but I will definitely be taking two weeks off to reassess my situation after WDW Marathon. If my shins and knees can heal up by then, I will give it a go, otherwise I’ll defer until 2015.

Overall, managing this injury has proven to be more stressful than I’ve expected. It’s made me reconsider, at least for now, whether I should ever do another full again. I learnt the hard way once that running five times a week was a step too far for my legs but overall my body just seems to lack the strength needed for the full at this time. Incidentally life is also getting in the way (and I mean that in a good way) so at least another year will pass before I decide to run one again, if I ever do.

For now, at least after January, I’ll stick to halfs. I’m a bit nervous about getting through Disney, but I have a strategy and a plan for getting through and keeping safe all the way. Just hoping that my body will cooperate on race day as the last two months have been unnerving.


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