Plan B

Talk about a kick in the teeth.

After all the conditioning, and weight resistance I’ve done, my shins, to put it bluntly, gave in.

A few weeks ago, I trained properly up to my first 20 miler, but it was at that point that my legs could not handle all that mileage. Or maybe it could, but perhaps my Brooks Ravennas were wearing thin. My previous pairs of shoes had all lasted well into the 500 mile mark. I thought that was to be with this pair of shoes, my old Ravenna 2s. I had bought a second pair because the first were great for full marathon training.

I track my shoe mileage along with overall race mileage using a spreadsheet. I had about 360 miles in on these. I did my 20 miler on my NEW Ravennas, which had at most 60 miles on them. Then I did a 7 miler last Saturday on the old ones, and that’s when I felt the unusual sensation in my ankle. It had led to more pressure in my shins and thus, and uneven balance.

The pain in my shins were terrible earlier this week and I have not run since last Saturday. Are they getting better? Absolutely. The way things are progressing with rehab stretches and such, I should be able to crosstrain by mid to late next week, earlier than expected. Once there’s no residual pain from those workouts then it should be back in the saddle and back on track (no pun intended).

There’s absolutely no way they will heal in time for Sunday’s half, but that in no way affects the tweetup that we’ve planned. I’m still going to the expo and still meeting the awesome people in our running community.

The ultimate plan is to get healed, and get back on track for moderate mileage by the end of December. If I can do this, I can use the Galloway method to complete the Disney full and collect my medal. If I really wanted to, I COULD walk the entire thing like all walkers would do, but I’m not going to do that. (The limit allows for a 16-minute per mile pace and I can even WALK much faster than that.) I’m going to run as much as possible and as much as I can safely.

The sheer reality is that I’m not sure when or if life will permit me to return to Disney for ANY reason (let alone the marathon). I had to fight family to run Disney earlier this year and even to this day they have still given me grief over it. So barring serious injury or a grave personal emergency I intend on going and doing whatever I can to run, even if that means sacrificing this half in the short term.

To be fair, I’ve run and completed this half twice, and it was meant entirely to be a tuneup for the WDW. I absolutely hate DNSes (did not start), and this will be my first one, but it’s what needs to happen. Ankles and shins are fragile and I don’t want to hurt them any further.

#RunChat moderator David (@RunningBecause) had once mentioned that engagement with the running community is especially important when one is injured and he couldn’t be more accurate.

I’m looking forward to this weekend and to a continued recovery. And of course, I’m keeping my chin up.

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