It’s Official: Philadelphia Marathon Tweetup!!!!

In 2010, when I ran the Rothman 8k, I recall meeting up with some awesome people over brunch at Marathon Grill. I had just finished my race, held on Saturday morning, but the vast majority of people were running the half or full marathons on Sunday. It was only my third month of actually racing.

Welcome banner! 16 Nov 2012

Welcome banner! 16 Nov 2012

It was then, that I was introduced to the “tweetup”. For the uninitiated, a “tweetup” is a meetup of friends on Twitter, united for a specific cause. Many of the biggest races, particularly Disney races and the major races (Chicago, NYCM, etc) have had meetups of the running community.

If you’ve wanted to meet some of the awesome members and bloggers of the running community…
If you are from out of town, and want tips on getting around Philly for the weekend…
If you are new to running and want to find more about what the local running community has to offer…

…this is totally for you!

Philly’s been there once, for all I know, but not having been to a tweetup since 2010…it was way overdue to do it again.

After a few tweets back and forth with @runbangrun and @anpearce

Cue the Philadelphia Marathon Tweetup 2013.

Date: Saturday 16 November 2013
Time: 1pm – hang with us as long as you wish.
Venue: Field House. 1150 Filbert Street, Philadelphia PA 19107 (Map here)
Website: Click here

Not familiar with the area? Here’s how to get there.

Public transit: Blue (MFL) or green lines to 13th and Market. Walk one block east to 12th and Market, enter from Market Street under the sign. The restaurant will be behind the escalators, which lead to the convention area and the expo.

Entering street side, Filbert Street: The restaurant is across from Reading Terminal Market, middle of the underpass.

Entering through the convention area: Follow the signs for Hard Rock Cafe and/or Field House. You should be walking through a VERY large open hallway with a curved ceiling. Go down the escalators and make a 180 degree turn when you get off; Field House is right behind you (and Hard Rock will be right next to it).

For parking, simply reference the Philadelphia Marathon website, as this place is very close to the expo venue.

With no NFL games at the time, we don’t anticipate too many issues with space, though as we tweet, it would be helpful to indicate if you can come so we can gauge and stake a larger area if we need. Tweet to one of us or post here!

We look forward to seeing you all as we rev up for a fantastic race weekend! Come out and meet others in the running community!

Hanging banner. 18 November 2011.

Hanging banner. 18 November 2011.


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