Biding My Time

Clocking up the miles, taking in the protein and pumping some iron, all one day at a time. It’s like clockwork, and not much different from my routine in the past eight years. There’s not a whole lot to look forward to right now until the Philly Half, so I am trying to keep my mind on the little things that do spice things up.

I’ve been counting down the days a lot particularly as school has been dominating my time. I have however, been keeping up with my mileage (save last Saturday’s long run, a disaster due to excessive humidity) for the most part, and with temperatures dropping even further, it looks ripe for me to come alive as I ramp up the mileage. I’m due for 12-14 this weekend en route to my first of two 20-milers.

As I near Walt Disney World Marathon, I’m focusing on weight training once a week, twice if I have the time for my abs and arms. So far there’s no sign yet that I should back down but I’m not overly aggressive with my training to begin with.

I’m trying to learn the art of the protein shake. Two years ago, I did an old-fashioned rice/almond milk and peanut butter shake, but it’s not nearly enough protein needed for my long long runs, anything over 15 and I need the whey. I’ll blog more on this end later.

I’ve been relying on both my pairs of compression socks, one Zensah and one ProCompression, both of which I was fortunate enough to win in giveaways. A graduate student on a tighter budget, I found it hard to swallow to spend $50 on a pair. Admittedly though, they have been helping a lot, although I know long term, further strengthening of the quads is really the way to go. For now, and for the time I lack, these will do.

Right now running is my only break. After my capstone introductory meeting a few weeks ago, and being told that we’d have to sacrifice everything next semester, I honestly had to sit there wondering how much worse (read: empty) my life could really be. Seated amongst 10-15 of my peers, we were cautioned that we’d have to miss baby showers and that deadlines would come up last minute.

Gee, I thought. I ran late for two weddings before; in both situations, it was caused by final exams on weekends (PA public schools do run exams on weekends) in which the professors could not move the time or I had to be there for a final presentation.

Could it really be any worse?

If we had significant others we’d have to tell that yet again that school and our projects come first.

Now, I didn’t have that particular “problem”, but I know that for me, it would be more back and forth with the parents as to why I don’t visit them more often. It also gave more validation to all the guys who have told me in the last year they won’t date graduate students largely because students will lack the time for them.


Some things I can live with, just for a little longer. Or well, I have no choice, do I? But others I cannot. And that’s where I appreciate the flexibility in running.

I’m already committed to the Love Run 30 March. That is before the worst part of capstone, and training for a half can be done more easily. The Walt Disney full in January will be over with before I return to school, thankfully. But I already suffered greatly from not exercising and taking care of myself. I’m not going to repeat the same mistake again, and with morning workouts and dreadmill dates, I can still make it happen, quite easily. Fall 2011 was insanely busy but I still pulled 2 halfs, a full, a full-time job and a relationship that lasted halfway through the semester (although ended for reasons related to religion, and not due to lack of time).

I’ve done it before. I can do it again, or as it would appear, less.

15 May 2014. It is the day I walk a free woman, at 10am. That’s my graduation date, and if I recall the time correctly, that’s when commencement starts.

It will be the day I can really pick up life where I left it.

But for now, until then, I will keep on running.


2 thoughts on “Biding My Time

  1. If I remember right, you’re at Wharton? I wasn’t running much when I got my MBA there, but I was the mother of an 18 month old (he was four when I graduated) and my husband was at Wharton too. The last semester was tough, but we got through with our kiddo still getting to see us (although he did have to come to class with us a couple times when daycare was closed).

    What I’m trying to say is that it sounds like you have a good plan to get through without sacrificing everything to the grad school gods. 😉

  2. I went to Penn for undergrad, but I am at Temple for grad school part-time whilst working full-time, which is issue #1 in of itself hah. Thanks though and many kudos on your end for getting things done your way during your MBA days, parenting especially early on I can only imagine even more difficult than running as I would think (assume?) you have less control.

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