Of Love And Running

Can they coexist? Can they coexist for me?

Recently on Twitter, Runner’s World alerted me to an article that brought up this topic.

For me, a middle of the pack runner at best, it brought up memories of my first group run, that I would hold up the group and irritate everyone because I was too slow. I couldn’t imagine annoying my partner on the run, I imagine most men who run would outrun me easily. As it stands I do run with a full group of people once or twice a week, and I am one of the slower ones in the group, but oh well. I have loads of fun and if last Thursday’s run club was of any indication, got to chat with other runners over beer and refreshments offered by Mizuno, who was sponsoring.



It also didn’t hurt getting to try on some Sayonaras either. Mizuno raffled a pair off, but unfortunately I wasn’t the lucky one.


If I ever met a runner, found him compatible as a runner, I’d probably approach it the same way. Figure out why he runs, whether he does it for fun, to lose weight, whether he runs races, whether he has a particular distance he enjoys, whether he prefers trails or the road, and whether he enjoys running with other people, or entirely alone. Even if our running preferences totally diverge, I imagine race weekend could be something that could bring us together. At the very least he would hopefully be understanding of a passion of mine, and I imagine like anything else, I could make my love of running work out with another runner. There’s a part of me that wonders if I could isolate any (generically speaking) partner potentially because of my running habit, but at the same time, we runners have the potential to inspire.

Case in point, my colleague Sergio broke the news to me that another co-worker was slowly developing the urge to run a 10km. And for many months he had kept telling us he had no desire whatsoever to run.

Shocking indeed.

But in any case, I’d treat a running partner (whether romantically involved or not) like any other potential partner – figure out our goals, likes, what is important to us in running, and then take it from there.

We don’t have to run everything together…but there are some things that could help us grow together – running or not.

It’s up to us to sort them out.


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