Flapjacked: Product Review and Kitchen Woes

In the last throes of freedom before school resumes, I have also taken some time to experiment a little in the kitchen. Why not? I don’t have to worry about messes in the kitchen cutting into valuable study time.

For once.

Lately I’ve been on a spree of winning a few giveaways that has allowed me to sample certain products. A month ago, I won a Bestowed box delivered chock full of goodies, which included a Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate bar (which I love, especially dark chocolate!) and yes, a packet of protein-enriched pancake mix, Flapjacked.


Recently, I decided I would try out the pancake mix. Incidentally it was also my VERY first time making pancakes.


And what an adventure that turned out to be.

Problem #1: I have never made pancakes before.
Problem #2: I’m not sure I fully understood what “properly greased” meant with respect to greasing my griddle.
Problem #3: I had understood and confirmed that pancakes cook quite quickly. In some cases on my first try, despite my burning both sides of the pancake easily, the insides sometimes were softened and not quite there.

I had no problem making the batter. 1 cup of cold water. Easy. I took a bunch of frozen organic blueberries, washed them in water, dried them, threw them in the batter. Whisked the entire mixture, got the lumps out.



I took a bit part of butter and used that to grease a heated griddle. Poured the first scoopful on.


Well the pancakes cooked fast. I had allowed the bubbles to come up top but still, those things cooked TOO fast. I took my spatula, shook it underneath and flipped…and it had already shown a decent amount of blackening. Not completely burnt, but more than I was expecting.


Thankfully I was only making these for myself.

Now the TASTE of the pancakes? Aside from the burnt parts and the blueberries which I had added, the texture itself felt denser than the usual Bisquick pancakes. They definitely felt a tad protein-ish as a result, and I felt I had to enhance their taste with the frozen blueberries, which did work.

Looking them up online for the price, it is quite expensive. It runs $3.50-4 USD for a 4oz (113g) pack and $18 USD for a 28oz (795g) pack. I’m not sure the taste would warrant me buying this product, but perhaps I might need to try the other flavours before I pass judgment.

Have you tried this product before? Have you thrown anything extra to improve your recipe? How has it gone?


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