Late Summer Blues

Second summer session of grad school is quite painful with an accelerated project management class. The material itself is not difficult at all, it’s just there’s LOADS – and I mean LOADS – of homework. I’m particularly not fond of writing papers at all – I’ve always been a numbers lady, give me math problems all day, but I go insane writing papers. That’s just me, though, and I know many for which it’s the other way around.

To keep myself sane I’ve been serving on our graduate student board and organizing social, networking and other happy hour events with other students. With school largely the reason for the destruction of my social life over many years, I am trying to make new friends or at least meet new faces and just overall put myself out there. It’s one thing to sacrifice a social life for a few years, but the problem with me is that it’s been eight years. Still I aim to repair that damage, thinking (delusionally?) it’s not too late.

That said, I took in a knee sprain which has kept me out since the 1st of August, but I’m hoping to be back in action starting Thursday, knock on wood. Run club has been going along swimmingly, hanging out with the crew on Thursday nights. No complaints. Another way to meet people and keep on track with my training schedule.

Unfortunately last month due to the excessive heat, 20in24 was indefinitely postponed at the order of Philadelphia’s mayor Michael Nutter. It’s unclear whether they or when they will hold the event, but I was slated to volunteer that event. Hopefully if later in the fall I’ll be able to still help out.

But yes, I’ve been trucking along, and steadily working and working out and overall biding my time. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to do a whole lot with the exception of a 4th of July camping trip that I hope to blog on a little soon. In the end, I’m trucking along, trying to stay positive with life (admittedly that is getting harder, but I keep trying), trying to keep myself fit and raring for my next race, 40 days away. All of a sudden, my Nike race experience seems ages ago. My how time flies.


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