Overpronation…and Keeping Calm

Two weeks ago, I ran a steady 12-miler that indicated that at the rate I was going, I could PR. I felt a weird sensation in my right ankle and decided to take 3 days off running to ensure there were no issues. I did an Urban Scramble 5-miler on Thursday and then followed it up with my 13-mile long run Friday after work. (The reason I could not do it Saturday or yesterday was because of accelerated class for grad school all day from 9am to 4pm.)

No issues from any part of my body although I was sluggish but that was because of not eating adequately.

On Saturday, I managed to squeeze in a 45-minute weights workout, with loads of squats. It was then the overpronation symptoms returned.

The overpronation effects were felt again. There was no screaming pain and no swelling anywhere, but it was more obvious now that my arches and the surrounding muscles were being stretched. My arches needed as much rest as possible and as much ice as possible. Looks like it’s 4-5 days off the pavement, but now in taper mode, the key is to ease myself into crosstraining and get those legs moving without a lot of body weight on my ankle/arches. The irony is that there are ZERO problems during and after a run.

The ideal would have been to swim as the water is very easy on the joints, but for all my bad luck, the pool is closed for renovations until 13 April. This means I’m looking at spinning or weights NOT involving my lower extremities AFTER those 5 days. (Maybe the elliptical is possible in 3 days. We’ll see.)

Thinking how I salvaged running the Philadelphia Half after a massive illness scare last fall and only 2 weeks to regain fitness, I know this should be relatively straightforward also in comparison:

– no high impact or lower extremity impact exercises for the next 4-5 days.
– ease into lower impact exercises after. If possible, 6 miles on Saturday, 8 only if you are feeling REALLY good.
– Ice after every exercise between the 13th and 28 April. – Ice whenever possible period in the next 2-3 days.
– Quad stretches 2x a day.
– wear those (massively arch supporting) Birkenstocks when walking around at home. (All my other closed toe shoes and sneakers have orthotics in them as it stands.)

Normally I walk around barefoot, but I probably shouldn’t do that anymore.

No reason to panic. Just ice, rest, be patient and listen to my body. Ease into crosstraining gradually and keep the body moving closer to the 28th. Barring a true freak accident, I expect to run DC on the 28th. No fear.


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