#RunChat Scavenger Hunt

Recently the moderators over at #RunChat challenged us to find a list of items, snap a photo of them, and submit them on Twitter for entries for prizes in their #RunChatHunt contest.

The items were as follows on their page.

– A running sticker (13.1, 26.2, etc.)
– Bridge (bonus for covered)
– A giant hill you’re going to run
– Christmas decorations still up
– Historical marker/sign
– Letters from signs to create #runchat
– “Welcome to” state/city/county sign
– Water (lake/river/pond)
– Trail marker or mile marker
– A scene from your favorite place to run

The items listed above were compiled from a list that #runchat participants voted on.

Needless to say, some of these were easier to find than others. I highly doubted that I would ever find the Christmas decorations one as I had not seen any deco out for at least a month but I soon would find out that I was dead wrong. The #runchat sign I knew was possible, albeit tedious and the “Welcome to” sign would be a total crapshoot depending on the location of my business travels.

I knocked out two immediately: my favourite place to run (not even in the city where I live)…

…and the running sticker, one which had been given to me at a Philadelphia Runner event.

I managed to knock out FIVE more of these items in the course of an hour as well.

Historical marker:




Mile marker


Giant Hill


And yes, I combined TWO bridges over another body of water!


On a separate evening run, I nabbed TWO instances of lights still out, one in front of a corporate building.



As of today, I’m going to work on the #runchat sign combination submission, but I’m not sure I can get the “Welcome to” sign. Not sure I will leave the state either before the end of the month deadline but we’ll see how things turn up.

It’s been a fun hunt and hope the mods at #runchat will keep the contests coming.


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