And the Winner Is…


Earlier on, I had asked for ideas on what to select for my next running belt, having been in a predicament over the size of my new smartphone and looking for a belt that was lightweight, had no water bottles needed and was of decent quality.

For the combined prize of approximately $24, I picked off two pieces from Amphipod’s collection: the standalone race belt ($10) which had hinges for bibs and the large access pouch ($14) that would allow me to fit my smartphone and 1-2 gels as well as my ID, cash, etc.


It is made of material that will not allow sweat to break through, critical if you are running with your phone and why I passed up on the SPIbelt and others.

I tested it by putting my smartphone and the gels in and jumped up and down and paced in place, VERY little if any bounce, I can see this one doing me very well. It will be a belt that I only wear for races. I also slipped in one of my old Philadelphia Marathon race bibs and no issues there either. I will probably comment on it again after the Nike Women’s Half that I will run next month.

What is important for those of you looking for a reliable running belt? For those of you that use Amphipod products, are you satisfied?


2 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…

  1. I have both a Nathan and an Amphipod belt. I prefer the Amphipod because it’s more snug, and it’s expandable. I can put one water bottle on or four. I also have a phone carrier that I can either put on my belt or use the arm strap it came with. The main pocket has a lot of room in it, and I also have a smaller add-on pocket that I can put essentials or nutrition in. In summary, I like it.

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