New Running Belt – But No Luck! (Help Appreciated!)

So I’m in the market for a new belt. No armbands here because I find them uncomfortable.

I’ve browsed and browsed but I’m struggling to find a belt that meets my needs. I have two belts, one of which I use on certain types of runs, the second which also was handy, as I had two 10oz bottles and easily kept my old iPhone in it.

I use a Nathan Fuel Belt on runs where it’s extremely hot as it packs a 22oz bottle which I use for fluids. I believe at the time it’d cost me $22. Fellow blogger OneToughMotherRunner reviewed this bottle here


The second belt was an iFitness belt with two small bottles and race clips. I could throw in a phone holder for this for another 22 but because I’m small waisted, the entire thing would be too bulky. The original belt I think set me back about $28.


I’ve decided to go for a belt strictly for racing purposes with the following:

1 no water bottle needed. Over time during races, I’ve adjusted to only needing the fluids provided on the course.

2 a pocket large and deep enough to hold an Android phone, namely an HTC One X with an Otterbox commuter series case. My phone with this case is just under 3in wide, and 5.5in long

3 this one is critical: clips or holders for a race bib. I really don’t like pinning to my shirt.

4 material should be neoprene or something waterproof, sweat resistant. Yes I sweat a lot…ugh.

Here’s what I’ve researched so far:

#4 eliminates the SPI belt of any kind. Although they don’t appear to fit my phone anyhow.

#3 eliminates the Nathan 5k runners belt, and Tune Belt iP4 model that otherwise fit these phones because there are no race clips. It also doesn’t look like there are separate clip add ons.

Hippie Runner’s belts look like they’d be good but I cannot tell if my phone would fit. Then again they are out because the surface doesn’t protect against moisture.

I looked through Amphipod’s site. They sell clips separately. That’s a good sign. Bad sign? None of the belts that could fit my phone would seem to go with the clips! I looked at the AirFlow Lite, Airflow Endurance, and they don’t allow for the clips, so it would seem. The Microstretch Belt is too small for my phone by an inch, ditto for the Race-Lite Go, also by an inch width.

It’s looking like the ONLY solution to this is a combination order of the Beltpod SmartView Plus (large sized for my phone) OR Large Pouch (again, just enough room) with the standalone number belt.

Could anyone out there vouch for either the Beltpod or the Large Pouch? Do either of them bounce? Are there other products you would recommend?


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