DailyMile and Social Media Overload

With all the social media sites happening, I’m having a heck of a time keeping up. Because I’m between semesters, right now, I have a little more time to devote to blogging, but even with this, it’s hard keeping up with all the social media sites, which is why I dropped corresponding on Daily Mile. I understand some of my Tweeps/Twitterati/Twitter friends added me on Daily Mile, but I’m loathe to touch the site just because it’s another site I have to deal with! I do track my mileage through a spreadsheet, and make sure I’m not overusing my sneakers or anything like that.

But the sheer number of sites out there are unreal and I simply don’t have the time to keep up with every single one of them. I refuse to get on any more and personally between the loads of email accounts I have, Facebook (which I am presently debating leaving now altogether for other reasons), Twitter, WordPress, and Flickr to a much smaller extent, solely for holding and not really sharing pictures. I’d say of all these, at this rate I’m using Twitter a lot more than FB at this point. I dabbled in Daily Mile for my running networking for the first half of 2012, and I just stopped updating it because it was quite a chore. Of course, lately I just updated my phone and had found good apps on Android to be a problem…

I’m thinking I will get back on DailyMile but battling the flu at the moment, I’ve spent the vast majority of my week in bed…going to bed within the hour I get home from work. I’ve got a slight cough now that won’t go away but my body is mostly recovered.

Still it’s been utterly annoying. And in other ways discouraging, and not just physically. Isolation has lately been a problem and I’m three semesters from graduation.

I’ve enjoyed a few high teas and movie nights with friends though over the interval between semesters so that has helped but now with school back in swing, I need to find another temporary solution again. Big ask on my end.

Maybe DailyMile might not be such a bad idea now…


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