Wordle 2012

I did this a year or so ago to see what words populated my blog from year to year. What is Wordle? I explored it some time ago.

Here’s what I have from 2012. Clearly it’s a running blog although there are some key changes…

Wordle results from last year.

Wordle results from last year.

Most of the running terms that dominated my blog are still there. There’s more adjectives, but now more school terms and less about family (as they usually had a negative impact as they did not like my running among other things) as the source of my stress has shifted.

A fun experiment to do with a blog or Twitter although the latter is more complicated and I’d imagine there’d be a lot more different terms in this one if I used Twitter. Definitely more on sports (especially Chelsea) and more about travel. WAY more about travel, come to think of it.

But judging from the picture, it’s easy to see why time dominated the picture – I wanted to work on dropping my time in running but at the same time, school was the reason I had no time for much of anything else, and had to cut back on training. I’m hoping this will not be the case this year.


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