2013: On the Horizon

So this morning, I’m Manhattan-bound for New Year’s Eve festivities. Tonight I’m headed to the Barclays Center to see Coldplay and Jay-Z in concert, the former being one of my most favourite bands.

I’ll be visiting my friend Caro, who used to live in Philly and whom I did 20in24 earlier in the year. In late September she made a career change very similar to myself: leaving science for business.

I’ve never been to New York City for New Year’s and as the cold is quite threatening, we will (thankfully) NOT be doing Times Square. It’s a possibility one year but this will not be the year. I raised the idea of the Emerald midnight run or either of the parties happening in Central Park but both had the same issue: they were outside.

New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year is straightforward. Enjoying life and spending as much as I can with people. Running is an enabler to an extent but last year – particularly the fall – school got in the way of pretty much everything. Work travel and school combination evolved into a very vicious cycle that have had a negative impact on friendships and lethal altogether on relationships. (If you’re a full time student you are “poor” and if you are part time due to work you are lacking time…for them.)

Right now I need to take more realistic steps towards the life I want to live. I want to sign up for a Valentine’s Day singles event…but I am also hoping that I’m not travelling that week.

And realistic goals…That also includes running.

With regards to my fitness life, weighttraining is a must. I was doing very well in the spring but everything tanked in the fall. This year because of how my classes are staggered I can boost my confidence a little again.

Things are looking up for 2013…and that’s a good thing. I’m just trying to take it all in stride.

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