Fire Lit on Holiday

It’s the 29th, and 2012 is just about over, thank goodness. Being on the road in utter cold and heavier snow an hour or so west of Philadelphia, I’m stuck without a gym to work out in.

It is KILLING me.

With school largely out of the way – one of my professors found a loophole to give us homework over the break even though the semester doesn’t start until the 18th – I have more time to focus on working out and putting the time that training really entails. And that’s more weightlifting, something that I could not do without compromising schoolwork or sleep.

I hate making those decisions. Then again I am grateful for the fact that I kept on running.

I sucked it up and paid $20 for a one week pass to the gym that my dad goes to, and thank goodness. Doing weights again is annoying yet feels so refreshing. The only motivation factor is pushing myself to start. Once I start it’s easy to push through, I get in my element with the music and easily (or not) get through what I need to do.

I’ve got another month before I formally start training for the NWM13 Half in DC, 28 April.

And even in that training I need to put aside a night where I do a combo workout, either a crosstrain and weights or a short (3-4 miles max) run and weights or a super weights day or something. Need to do it at some point, once a week. I have class on Wednesday so now Wednesday will be my rest day instead of Thursday like I’ve always been doing.

My close friend who also runs has invited me to do the Central Park marathon. It’s in Feburary and weather aside, my travel is going to be hectic but I plan on discussing it with her when I visit her on New Year’s Eve. If they are running a half I could pull it off, but again travel is something I have to tread carefully with. Already I’m concerned that DC date could be squished between hard travel but I’m holding out for now. Even if it is, with the early start time I would bolt back to Philly and sort myself out by 1pm if I had to. Could fly out in the evening or hope for a Monday morning departure. But I’m hoping that won’t happen.

The fall is set. With most of my school curriculum finished, I know I will be forced to take weeknight classes by then, so I can pick almost any half. But since travel is always up in the air, I’m sticking with the Hershey Half in October, just gotta get the reminder. I have a coupon sorted out for the Philly Half in November, and I’m registered for the city’s Rock n’ Roll counterpart in September.

The challenge will be to push myself into harder training and finding the balance. Right now I’m sticking to weights only, MAYBE a hill workout here and there. With two accelerated classes over by the end of January, I have no excuse, I just hope that my international finance class on Wednesday isn’t too painful that it drains all my time. Need to do more research on optimal speed workouts but I am still thinking I need more resilient quads before I push myself with any speed. I still think there’s not enough muscle in me to sustain that and I need to change that first.

The fire’s lit. Time to get on with it.


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