Looking Forward: The Nike Women’s Half Marathon

With my San Diego trip in the air due to more cross-country travel pending for work, I’m even more glad that I had been able to sign up for the Nike Women’s Half in DC this April. At the very worst I have ONE race that I am doing this spring and I know I can make the time to train.

At this point registration for the random drawing is now closed. I had entered myself via the college program only ($125 through 6 December, $160 after) and to register for the lottery it was $160 through the 3rd. My friends had given me a shout to join their group but seeing as I wanted the student rate saving some money I had tried to get a student slot not realising at the time that a student slot was guaranteed. I complained to Vee saying my card was charged right away:

…until I read the rules again…

All which made me all the happier to be in grad school despite all the pain (physical and psychological) I have been through as a result. Can’t say though I’m not all the stronger for it…not to mention I have had much worse outside school.

I had chatted with Vee on the 6th to see if she’d gotten in but she had informed me the lottery was pushed back to the 10th. Uh oh.

It reminded me of the fiasco with the Broad Street Run, even though I had come out unscathed from that one. The reviews from their San Francisco race (typically in the fall) were mostly positive and there were no problems from what I saw with the registration. So I’m hoping things go off without a hitch. My card remains charged and I still have my confirmation so I know I haven’t been booted ha.

Although they recently did update their course map.

nikemap by OneFootThere

Hopefully my friends got in. I also met another student runner who also got in via guarantee:

My hotel is already booked and I’m set for late April. Hopefully my friends will be joining me. Love running in DC and the Tiffany finisher’s necklace is awesome to boot (and now I can say I actually have something from Tiffany which means something haha). The Expo (or what they call an Expotique) will be in the southern flank of Georgetown though I’m utterly confused how the whole Nike+ circuit works.

Guess I’ll learn soon. Here’s hoping for my friends! Fingers crossed for you guys!


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