Adventures for 2013

It’s that time again. Time to begin cracking on my potential races for next year, with school, and the possibility of races turning into lottery races now, further complicating things. If all else fails, I want to be able to do ONE race in the spring, and one in the fall.

Maybe I’ll get a crack at actually breaking into my newer pair of Ravenna 2s that I bought at a deep discount months ago?


Second pair of Ravenna 2s! 30 March 2012

The big problem right now, as many people who know me know is the deadly work and night school combination that I will be facing until (hopefully ending) May 2014. It has caused other problems for me as well but that’s another topic for another day. Because I am a consultant and travel extensively for work, I take limited classes during the week and the vast majority of classes for the weekend. Which means one thing: no travelling for races unless I’m between semesters or not in class for a given term.

This year was glaringly obvious: With classes on Saturdays nearly the entire year, I was “stuck” in Philly for all of my races this year. In a way, that might have been a good thing, but for those of us who live in a given city, sometimes running the same races where you live (especially if that is also where one trains, and especially since everyone trains on Kelly Drive significant amount of the time) it gets boring quite fast. There are some races that NEVER fail because they are run extremely well, such as the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon (recap here) but others I feel don’t provide quite the same experience I am looking for in a race weekend. The total experience, or lack thereof.

This coming spring I’m looking at doing 1-2 of the following races:

Garden Spot Half Marathon, Lancaster PA, 6 April
April Fool’s Half Marathon, Atlantic City, NJ, 7 April
Broad Street Run, Philadelphia PA, 5 May
Long Branch Half Marathon, Long Branch, NJ, 5 May
Rock n’Roll San Diego Half Marathon, San Diego, CA, 2 June

First and foremost, no full marathons for 2013, with the possible exception of NYCM. I will register for the lottery because who knows and if I get rejected like last time, that’s 2 out of 3 years used up before the automatic entry that kicks in your fourth year.

Within halfs themselves, a few key things above – no Shamrock Fest, because I’ve already done the half. When I return, I will do the full marathon. Finally, no Odyssey Half. The weather nearly did me in last year, and last year I have to say as well run as it was, the sheer timing was brutal. Of course, I’m looking at San Diego in June, but then again, gun time is much earlier and that race would be in combination with a vacation that I would be planning to take. More on that later.

The DC Half would be an option normally but at this point, the prices are way too high closing in on the date. If it weren’t for school I would have definitely signed up though.

If classes were NOT a factor, and I could take two, I’d go for Garden Spot Village (partially to save money) and San Diego as part of the vacation. If I have weekend class, I would be canned out of every race, and possibly even Broad Street Run, as there’s a high chance that race could go to a lottery system after massive registration problems AND a VERY quick sellout.

That would leave me with only one last option – sink in the much-needed vacation to San Diego and run the half as part of it. I’ve got one of my good friends at UCSD plus a few others I know. And I’ve never been to SD, and I could use some relaxation in the sun. At that point, spring semester would completely be over, but with wedding season in tow, that could be an issue.

So in an absolute worst case scenario, I would have to rent a car and finagle some way to run one of the Wilmington, DE races (either Caesar Rodney or the Delaware Half Marathon), which is somewhat of a pain driving inbound, but it may be the only shot I have at running anything if Saturday school ravages my weekends. The latter is after finals and during my one week break so that might have to be my backup of backups.

For the fall? Here’s where I stand and what I’m looking at.

Rock n’ Roll Philly Half Marathon – 15 Sept – LOCKED IN
Hershey Half Marathon – early to mid October
Baltimore Half Marathon – mid-October

First I’ve already booked my place in the Rock n’ Roll Philly race. But yet again Saturday school will be make or break. The backup option would be the Philly half marathon, which I ran last year. If I decided I wanted to travel, I would go for Baltimore or the Hershey Half. I’ve done Amish Country before, and Lancaster County is mainly hills, which I probably want to avoid until I can put more time in training. This happens to be the main reason that I will step back from full marathons in 2013.

If in the unlikely reason I DO get into NYCM then it will be set with RnR Philly and then NYCM. But if not, then I’m thinking Baltimore or the Hershey Half and maybe something else in November if I am able to travel somewhere. Atlantic City is also looking good as well. Decisions will probably be solidified once I pick my fall classes in February.

Let’s see what the future holds. In a couple of weeks I find out my school schedule which determines what racing I can do…


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