No More Wardrobe Malfunctions, Part 1

Lately as I tune up for another full, I have taken a bit of inventory for all the supplies I need: socks, techwick/running underwear, sports bras, leggings, Vaseline. It becomes that much more critical when those extra miles hit you.

First thing I was having issues with: Socks. The 3 pairs of Feetures socks that I have had are just totally fine for up to 13 miles. Here’s a picture of what I own.

Comes in many hues. 6 October 2012.

Earlier this spring, I gave a shoutout to Twitter asking if there were any other brands recommended. When I did longer runs than 15 say, the Feetures just weren’t quite cutting it. I don’t know why but my toes were hitting Blisterville.

Enter Balega.

Using a voucher I received from City Sports I paid only $1 for them (street price for the pair pictured below is $10). Sweetness. I went ahead and tried them on for the first time ahead of training for the Odyssey. 14 miles final run in those Balegas.

Also comes in white as well. 6 October 2012.

One word: heaven. Leaps and bounds better than my Feetures. First off, much more comfortable just putting them on. The Feetures are good, but Balegas do seem that much better. I need to test my Balegas out though at the 20 mile mark because that is where I started having serious issues with the Feetures. 16 miles, the Balegas are also okay. If I can get there and even use them for the Philly Marathon come 18 November, it looks like I’ll be getting a few more pairs of them.

I know some of you use Thorlos out there, but I have yet to try them. What do you all think?


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