Summer Holidays and All for Fall

Well summer went by fast and thankfully so. I’ve got two races to look forward to, admittedly, the gruelling course of school has me wondering if I should have ever signed up for the Philly Marathon. Barring injury I finish what I start.

I definitely will continue to document and review all races I’ve done, but it’s getting tougher to post on my blog otherwise. The school work has been ridiculous and it’s been getting depressing just not having time for anything. Add the fact that I’m up until 2am on a regular basis and it just is really downright maddening.

I am 27 credits in as of today, and 27 more to go. I’m trying to look at it from the glass is half full standpoint but I feel like I’m sacrificing a bit much and 2 years seems like far away. Combine that with the work schedule and it’s shocking I have time for really anything these days.

But onward I go and whatever day I have off, completely worry-free from school, I just let it out and go everywhere I can, no matter how brief the holiday. I just know once it’s all over, the trips will cover more distance and be much longer than whatever I can cobble now.

Following this, are a collection of places I’ve visited, and such on holiday. Enjoy!

In the middle of July, I trekked for a three day weekend to Williamsburg, VA, squeezed between the first and second summer sessions. I do not have snaps of them at the moment, but will get those uploaded as soon as I can.

Final weekend of August, after my second summer session, I got in a full weekend of time with some friends and some alone. A longtime friend of mine from university came up from San Diego to visit me; he is down there to study his PhD in political science. We hit up some places that we had not been able to do so as overworked strapped for time UPenn undergraduates. Among them was the Eastern State Penitentiary in Fairmount and the walking tour of murals in Center City.

One of many hallways of the Eastern State Penitentiary. 25 August 2012.

Stained glass in the prison. August 2012.

And for the mural tour, just a few pictures amongst many I had taken (I swear I need to get up a Flickr account of sorts):

Mural tour. August 2012.

Side of upscale Vetri’s restaurant. Notice the chef on the backside of the building. August 2012.

One week later, I took a day’s trip up to NYC just to sightsee, and appreciate some art and most of all to clear my mind. I was mentally breaking down so I needed an abrupt change of scenery and at the same time I wanted to visit some friends of mine from childhood through high school who I had not seen since their wedding this past May.

First stop was the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1000 Fifth Avenue, at 82nd Street), always a classic. Last year I was fortunate to see Picasso. Today it was a plethora of things.

The view from the top floor of the Met. 24 August 2012.

A mirror sculpture on the Met’s roof. 24 August 2012.

A chair made of felt? Nice.

Felt material chair. 24 August 2012.

This table is genius. So much I snapped the description as well. 24 August 2012.

One of the things I really like about the Met (or even any major museum) is when they recreate an entire room. Shows the work put in.

Entire room recreated! 24 August 2012.

As a budget-conscious grad student, I trekked over to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA, 11 West 53rd Street) in midtown for their Free Friday (free admission every Friday from 4-8pm) admission. But this was a real treat as I am a huge fan of modern art in particular.

Some funky chairs. 24 August 2012.

Location and number painting. 24 August 2012.

Classic outdoor sculpture at the MoMA. 24 August 2012.

After hitting up both museums, I rested near the Rockefeller Center and ran into this bakery that my coworker Marie has raved about.

Rockefeller Center. 24 August 2012.

Decided I’d give a white chocolate raspberry cupcake a go. Not bad, but I still feel Baked and Wired in DC is MUCH better.

Magnolia Bakery time! 24 August 2012.

After that, I visited my friends Adam and Joan who are now living in Murray Hill (I think!) as they complete their residencies. Took in a few views and noshed on Mexican food for dinner.

View from the 36th floor! 24 August 2012.


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