Time to Retire Some Old Sneakers…

Lately, as I intensify my workouts and runs, I’ve had to go with sneakers with much more solid support such as my trusty Ravennas, or lately the Guide 5s by Saucony.

My new pair – Brooks Ravennas. 3 July 2011

The Ravennas – I have two pairs of them after the first worked out so well – proved extremely useful for my longer distances. I have two pairs, one in the colours (orange/black) above and a second that I ordered earlier this spring on sale in sea green and silver.

Second pair of Ravenna 2s! 30 March 2012

The latter pair even came with a beer holder from Brooks. Will run for beer!

Bonus beer holder. 30 March 2012.

I had a second pair of Asics that I’d originally bought late in 2010 and though it’s past the 500-mile mark for running mileage, I’d been using it reliably as a cross-training sneaker for a good 6-7 months at least.

My new shoes! 29 December 2010.

But Tuesday, my feet sent me a message, the cushioning had been worn out that elliptical was uncomfortable. So now, the shoes that I’d worn for so long are being retired for good.

Shoes after 500+ miles and many more… 4 July 2012.

Had no complaints but I’m thinking overall going forward I’m going to stick with a little more support. These were awesome as they felt lightweight and I’d use them for 5ks. They worked fine training for my first half marathon. But then something felt wrong – even with my newer, lesser used pair – as I started hitting 16, 18, miles. My ankles were hurting. I needed more support over longer distances.

Yep, worn all right. 4 July 2012.

No kidding.

So yes, over I went to the Ravenna 2s. I went to City Sports recently for run club and the salespeople were raving about the Ravenna 3s now that have come out when we discussed shoes. I have just south of 150 miles on my older pair of sneakers (Ravenna 2s in orange/black) and closer to 200 on my Guide 5s. And zilch on my newer pair of Ravenna 2s.

But being a graduate student as well has me budget-conscious, so I am loathe to get a brand new pair even if the technology is slightly upgraded when I know I can save $30-50 on a model that has worked well for me.

I had gotten a pair of Guide 5s when the Ravennas were sold out in store. It turned out at that point both the Guide 5s and the Asics GT-2150s both fit me perfectly, but with the former being $10 less I went with that, not being able to tell the difference.

So in any case, what’s working well in terms of fit and feel, hey why fix something not broken? Hopefully my other pairs will become good crosstraining shoes long after I retire them from the pavement.

How long have you used shoes after you’ve stopped running in them?


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