What’s In Store for 2012

Way entirely too late on this, but with school and life getting busy, I’m staying in Philadelphia (nearly) all year for my races with the exception of Lancaster, PA’s Red Rose Run, a tradition that my father did when he was younger. The race is 5 miles and my dad will run the one-mile fun race.

As follows:

6 May: Broad Street Run
26 May: Odyssey Half Marathon
2 June: Lancaster Red Rose Run (Lancaster, PA)
14-15 July: Stroehmann 20in24 Team Relay Challenge
16 September: Rock n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon
18 November: Philadelphia Marathon

I had tried to enter the NYC Marathon last month via lottery but proved to be unlucky in the draw. With Saturday class due to my work that forces me to travel I cannot go far at all this year. That was my only opportunity to possibly change it up, but it was not meant to be. But it’s okay. Perhaps in a future year when I’m not stressed out by class, it might be better that way.

I decided to do the Philadelphia Marathon for the very first time; I know the first half of the course from my participation in the Half last year, so hopefully that will help!

My decision to parttake in a relay team though? A very long story and one that has proven to be a great experience so far in the planning phase.


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