Managing It All

So we come upon another semester this coming Tuesday. I’m looking at the Broad Street Run for sure and the Odyssey Half in Philly. Still undecided about Caesar Rodney in Wilmington but I have until the 31st before the price increase.

Thankfully unlike last semester, this semester is a lot easier, just two classes of six credits, financial accounting theory and business in a global world, a strategic management elective. The latter is on Saturdays as I had no choice due to travel and lack of other classes earlier in the week.

Social life? Better than ever, although I am missing some networking events due to travel. I’m spending more time with friends and family (travelling when school isn’t an issue) than ever. I’m spending time with those who most support my goals and vice versa, those whom I can support as well.

Hoping I can push myself to be more fit. Yeah I run marathons and half marathons, but I want to work more on weighttraining and body development. I know my body can be so much stronger than it is, and running is just part of the picture.

I’m hoping I can spend more time with people, but I gotta keep myself in check. We’ll see how travel goes and then take it from there.


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