Looking Ahead for 2012

Running season 2011 is almost over, and depending on how I feel I may take on TWO full marathons for 2012, but I may not.  If I take on Garden Spot Village’s full marathon (toying between the full and the half at the moment), I would have to start conditioning in December.  That would give me a whopping two weeks of offseason, and put another dent in trying to safely integrate weight training with running without taxing my body to a breaking point.

As in, I will challenge myself, but I am fearful of injury.  I have searched high and low for reliable integration of weight training with running 3-4 times per week for a full marathon, and it’s difficult to get that all in if trying to avoid consecutive days of weightlifting and training.  And that’s not even bringing in school into the picture or other work commitments.  I’m no longer in a relationship (not due to running or schedule, but other reasons best saved for a separate post), so I don’t have that issue for the time being.  But I certainly have been forced to reprioritize.

If I stick to the half marathon, I can work in more weighttraining. But we’ll see. My school schedule looks to be favorable, so I could probably be fine either way depending on how my body reacts after the Philadelphia Half Marathon.  I was debating sitting out, but my ankle post-MCM has healed quite well, so a few more days of rest and I’ll be good to get back on track for shorter runs and up to an 8-9 mile run the following Saturday.

For next fall, it’s hard to predict my schedule versus class availability.  If I have to take a weekend class, then most options outside Philly will be out of the question, and I may be forced to stick to Philly for all my races.  I am looking at entering the lottery for the NYC Marathon in 2012, so that’s about 10-11 dollars for the lottery entry.  If NYC does not pan out, I will be looking at Baltimore or Philly for my fall half marathon; by then MCM 2012 will have sold out.  (This year, MCM sold out in 28 hours and change, and registration will be done by the time decisions for NYCM will have gone out in April.)

And a part of me wants to do MCM again because the race was so much fun, plus there is a nagging feeling of vindication as I hope to complete that course without injury.

But we shall see what happens.


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