The Time Is At Hand

This is it. I leave for DC tomorrow morning. I’m stoked but slightly nervous at the same time. Mentally I have to put it aside. Attended an alumni happy hour (abstained from any drinking of course) to network and received loads of encouragement from fellow runners. It’s my first. Don’t overload on the carbs, get the sleep, have you been watching your diet? Stay hydrated all week, my colleague told me.

Just go out there and enjoy the friends and family running by your side and enjoy the sights of DC and take it all in. I still have not seen all the memorials so I will keep it in mind.

I’ve had people run with me both in Philly and during my travels in DC. And I will be thinking of all my supporters as I roll in 26.2.

Thanks for all your words of encouragement near and far and for those of you also taking on MCM, best of luck to you as well as we all charge the District, beat the bridge and take down Iwo Jima.

See you all this weekend!


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