Water Retention

It’s very quickly becoming a problem. Maybe this is too much information for some of you runners, but when I sweat, I sweat profusely. I’ve had to stock up big time on my zero-calorie Powerade (the only one I know that lacks the god-awful corn syrup or any of its derivatives but has the electrolytes I need) and water filters, as my 22oz bottle doesn’t do me justice on my training runs.

Today is an excellent example. Labor Day, started running at 8am, 7 miles from Center City to Fairmount, about a mile deep from Lloyd Hall like the hundreds of Philly’s other runners, and back through Graduate Hospital.

I started losing water like you wouldn’t believe, maybe a mile and a half into the run. If that. It was profusely annoying, and whilst I know sweating is “part of the game” I know it’s happening worse to me on average. It could be Philly’s merciless humidity (the effects on my running in DC are nothing like in Philly), although I’m thinking I really need to start putting something else other than water in my drinks. Salt, Powerade, anything. Although I’m hesitant with Powerade because it may cause me to drink more of it and eventually exhaust the supply in my water bottle.

But yeah, guess I have to hydrate in advance, or probably increase even if slightly, my intake with salt, since it will retain the water more in my body. Just that excessive sweating is something I’m extremely prone to, and I don’t want to run into a dehyration problem with any of my races. Most concerned about MCM 30 October 2011, but looking at the water points and food stops, the MCM course support I’d say is pretty damn solid and that I should have little if anything to worry about.


WP1: Eastbound Lee Highway between Wayne and Adams Streets

WP2: On the Virginia side of the Key Bridge at Ft. Myer Drive

WP3: On Reservoir Road at MacArthur Blvd

WP4: Intersection of M and 34th Streets

WP5/7: Independence Ave and Ohio Dr SW at West Potomac Park

WP6: Ohio Drive SW parking area near the tip of Hains Point

WP8: At Madison Dr NW and 12th St NW along the National Mall

WP9: At Jefferson Dr SW and 7th St SW along the National Mall

WP10/11: Army/Navy Drive at the Eads Street auxiliary parking lot. Also supports the MCM10K.

WP12: On Route 110 behind the MCM corrals. Also supports the MCM10K.


FS1: Oranges on Rockcreek Parkway after turning from K Street NW

FS2: Clif Shot flavors at Ohio Drive before Water Point 6 and the end of Hains Point in East Potomac Park. CLIF BAR’s great tasting, natural CLIF SHOT Gel is a fast-acting, easy-to-digest source of carbohydrates-your body’s preferred source of fuel during activity. SHOT Gel’s semi-liquid form shines when you’re working hard and need to fuel up between breaths. Chocolate, Vanilla, Citrus, Chocolate Cherry, Mocha and Razz will be on course. Stop by the Clif Bar booth at the Expo to try all the flavors before the race.

FS3: Jelly Belly Sport Beans at the intersection of Jefferson Dr SW and 4th Street SW along the National Mall beyond mile marker 19. Sport Beans™ jelly beans are formulated with electrolytes, carbohydrates and vitamins B and C to sustain and replenish energy during intense exercise. This revolutionary product maximizes performance and ensures ideal portion control, with four delicious flavors that will keep you going.

FS4: A little pop of pleasure during the final stretch to the finish line. Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins will be distributed at the intersection of 12th Street and Army Navy Drive before the Water Point. Made fresh daily in a variety of colorful and delicious flavors, there’s a favorite for every runner. Stop by the Dunkin Donuts booth in the Finish Festival for a flavored latte.

The MCM site led me to an instructional video on what some of the key course changes were:

Some clips from MCM:

Route and memorable moments:

One runner’s documentary of his run through Arlington and DC in the 2010 race.

Just gotta push through in training and once the days get cooler I should be golden. My breathing I know doesn’t help either, the harder I breathe (or gasp) the more I perspire. Mentally I’ve got to stay calm when the weather isn’t going my way.

2 thoughts on “Water Retention

  1. Ha! I just wrote a race recap where I focused on how sweaty of a person I am. The worst part is, unless some brilliant scientific breakthrough has flown under my radar, there’s not much you can do about it. For long races in humidity, you just have to slow down and adjust your expectations. The best advice: race in the winter.

    Anyway, here’s my post: http://dansmarathon.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/state-sixteen-mississippi-tupelo-marathon/

    • Thanks for your input! It’s exactly why I chose MCM as my first marathon. Late October, temperate, and pollen is not as much an issue in DC as it is in Philly (where I live). The course is not entirely flat (read, not as boring as Philly which is), but it’s not overly challenging either. Training for a late October race meant more brutality in the summer, but the alternative, training in the winter (it’s harsh in the NE US) is even worse. Major intangibles are also running with a lot of people I know, and particularly in DC where a lot of family and friends reside plus MCM supporting the first time marathoner quite well. Definitely will check your post out!

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