Nothing Beats a Good Runner’s Snack…

…introducing the aptly named Angel and Evil Wontons!

Or in plain English, “angel” being banana slices, peanut butter and cinnamon wrapped in a wonton, and the “evil” being strawberries (or some berry compote if you really want to be fancy), Nutella, and confectioners sugar.

Yeah, clear as day, right?

The best part? They – the angel wontons that is – are a good runner’s snack. Bananas, enough said. Peanut butter has the protein and the so-called good fat. And I love that cinnamon!

I go into Chinatown and get a pack of roughly 50 (16 oz) for $1.60, peanut butter that costs $1.50-$2 for a regular 16-18 oz jar, and a medium sized banana will yield enough for about 15-16 wontons depending on how thick you cut your banana slices.

Place the peanut butter on a wonton wrapper (make sure they are square, as easier to work with!), banana slice on top, sprinkle some cinnamon, wet the edges of the wonton with water, package them like an envelope (see below).

Before the oven... 19 August 2011.

Pop a set of 15-20 in the oven for 10 minutes (make sure you use parchment paper or nonstick on your baking sheet!) and voila! Perfect snack for just about anytime!

Finished angel wontons. 19 August 2011.

Enjoy! There are several such variations on the internet – some do call for dusting olive oil on the top, but I consider that extra calories not needed. I did my first few batches with brushed cinnamon on the top, but “improved” the recipe, cutting some calories by putting the cinnamon inside.


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