Blister Sister

I’ve racked up a lot of miles in training for my first full.

I mean, a LOT.

And running significantly more miles means one thing: more blisters. I mean WAY more blisters.

I mean more blisters to the point I’m barely able to walk.

I complained to my colleague Sergio last week because I was getting fed up with the sheer amount of blisters and calluses on my feet. “I’m using motion-control socks, Bodyglide, superfeet, my god, I’m using just about everything.” Sergio contended that my first marathon and the sheer increase in mileage per week was going to give me a rude awakening, and if so, this is quite the rude awakening. I knew training for the Marine Corps Marathon would be brutal, but this was not quite what I’d imagined. My feet – and especially my toes – are bubbly. Talk about a reality check.

But somehow by the stroke of luck, I get by with a little help from my friends.

It was my neighborhood cohort, Vanessa, coming to the rescue. One night, at a party at her condo, she pulled out a number of items decorations, unused supplies and things she didn’t need and was looking to discard. Amongst them were several unopened shiny silver boxes of band-aids (by Johnson & Johnson) especially designed to heal blisters. Due to knee and cartilage injury, Vanessa retired from running for good late last fall.

I had complained to my other cohort Caroline before, and when she saw the band-aids who then suggested that if Vanessa had no need for them, that she could pitch them my way. It was then that Vanessa mentioned to me how extremely well they had worked.

Bandages especially for blisters. Thanks Vanessa! 18 August 2011.

I had never seen these or heard of these before, but given how painful my blisters were (to the point of another runner in the hood, Sebastian, whom we also call Seabass, calling me a Blister Sister teasingly) I was just about desperate for anything.

The next week, to soothe my calluses whilst running, I strapped on these band-aids – thicker than their regular counterparts with the hydrocolloid layer of its Compeed moisture seal – to where I needed to, and as Vanessa said, they worked extremely well. I barely felt them in my heels walking to the bus stop on my morning commute, and I felt them even less so whilst running.

Definitely made a difference, and my running more pleasant, and an easier way to not allow those blisters to get in the way of my training. Special shoutouts to Caroline and Vanessa for sending these my way – should I be unfortunate enough to run out of these, at least I know what to buy now!

These bandages retail for $3 (6 pack ovals) to 5.50 a pack (8 pack for fingers and toes) but other types are available.


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