MCM: Putting It Together

I’m about to begin my – gasp – 7th week of training for my first full.

Week 2 was a bit shaky as my knees flared up slightly, but I’ve been extremely solid since, and getting through a 20-mile run two Saturdays ago was HUGE for me.

I’m watching what I eat (for the most part hah!) but I’m having fun with what I eat as well. I’m learning to become more efficient with my time (hello 5:30am runs!) as I rev up for school, travel for work and balance all this with a relationship with a friend who has become more and means the world to me today.

I run with my supporters and continue to surround myself with such individuals on and off the pavement. In the office, as Sergio and I now work on different engagements at work, I’ve kept him posted, and vice versa on our next races. He had been planning to run Annapolis, but due to a logistics snafu, the Annapolis Half postponed their race. He is now running the Rock n Roll Half at home in Philly, as will myself and other friends.

My long runs are slow, but they should be just that. Long slow distance runs. I’m getting my intervals in, and at marathon pace I’m still at 10 minutes per mile, but it’s to be expected and I need to be patient with myself. I’m barely faster in a half and that’s when I’m healthy. The last two halfs, I have gotten injured, so I am looking for obviously an injury-free one this go around.

I’ve bought new sneakers and they have done me well, my Brooks Ravennas. Student discount didn’t hurt either!

My new pair - Brooks Ravennas. 3 July 2011

But in spite of my hesitation with the Runner’s World training plan, it has turned out to work a lot better than I expected, and the support from fellow runners has been priceless.

Vee's training plan from Runner's World.

I’m going to keep plowing forward, knowing that MCM is but 78 days away now. Only a matter a time and I’ll be running in Arlington and DC.


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