The Parrot From Hell

As some of you know, I’ve had to move to a new place six weeks ago to remove myself from an increasingly toxic family situation. In the old place most people living in the building were very compartmentalized; in contrast, at the new place, I’ve been in touch with new neighbours. People here are very friendly and interactive.

However there are two neighbours I could not stand. They both live next door.

Oh and by the way, neither of them are human.

Meet Romeo and Juliet; a(n) (African grey) parrot and parakeet respectively. Owned by a French engineer whose girlfriend originally owned the birds but left them with him when she left him. He has since kept the birds, but unfortunately, the birds, however aged they were, have picked up quite the foul language from him.

However, it turns out karma, or the Lord, or however you look at it, works in mysterious ways. The day before I left on vacation in mid-June, the parrot mysteriously perished in the middle of the night.

I was coming back from a 5:30am run when I saw my neighbour cleaning out Romeo’s cage – Romeo had died, and he was cleaning out the cage. He had woken up about 15 minutes after I left on the run and found the bird dead. Juliet was still alive and well, and he was taking care of her all the same.

It’s quite interesting how karma works…whilst I found Romeo swearing utterly annoying, I would have preferred the bird to escape through the window or something, but alas it was not meant to be.

I just hope my neighbour understands how annoyed our entire floor was at him, and particularly a mother of three who cringed every time she had to shuttle her family past our units to get to the elevator. (NB: No, the stairs are not an option – we live on the 18th floor of a 20+ floor highrise.)

But even then, oh yes, Juliet is loud as hell. I’m just thankful she is a parakeet, and cannot utter any words in English.


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