Another One in the Sand

And between a nasty finals schedule and burgeoning duties and work and personal life continuing to get worse (I will be moving next week as a result but more on that later), I’ve had very little time to blog.

On the upside, I’ve had a few guys ask me out, but unfortunately I’ve found little compatible. It’s cool. Just gotta find the ones that don’t violate my dealbreakers…just like anyone else. But I am still talking to some interesting people. Just gotta keep plugging away.

Pavement life…I still have the 22nd to look forward to. The Odyssey Half. My colleague Sergio has signed up and ditto for my friend Vee, both of which have run the full at Long Branch.

Boy do I feel like a total slacker. But then again, I have a lot of obligations. I’ll live. I’m fortunate for what I have.

For now, it’s back to studying for statistics. The bane of my semester will end with the final on Monday the 9th.

I’ll be sure to write a bit more through the summer.

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