New Hydration Belt

…and so far, it’s looking good for what I need.

After my disaster in Virginia – or near disaster – depending on how one looks at it of course – I decided I needed a hydration belt for all of my races but the one that I’d been using for training was too much. I needed something lighter weight that I could carry my phone, credit card and gels.

Enter iFitness’ hydration belt. It is on the higher end, priced at $37, but I have a feeling it is going to be worth it. I had seen the iFitness booth at the VAB Convention Center as they were selling their wares during the expo although I was hesitant to get it then. Thankfully they gave me a coupon for free shipping so I had purchased the belt for the same price as I would have, had I purchased it at the expo.

The belt fit me well, although the gels were a pain in the behind to fit through. But I got them through and seeing how they fit, I knew it would be easy access for me during a run.

Squeezing that gel in. 1 April 2011

iPhone takes up the vast majority of my pouch space, but I can still get my ID and some cash in there.

Belt Pouch - iFitness Belt 1 April 2011

So far, I’m pleased, but I gotta see how this shakes up during a run. One thing is for sure though, I am pretty sure it is going to work very well. Two six ounce bottles give me SOME hydration in case I need it away from the water stations, which will be critical during MCM or a summer/early fall race.

Either way, I am pretty sure that spending the $37 might just have been worth it.

Product Info


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