Baked and Wired

So last night I’d wandered M Street in search of Georgetown Cupcake on 33rd and M wanting to try it out. Except when I was walking about halfway there I’d gotten hit up by Sergio, who was in town not only on his own assignment, but today he was running the National Half Marathon also in DC.

I was told instead to go for Baked and Wired, a cafe and bakery specializing in cupcakes but sold other eclectic desserts. All different flavors of biscotti for one, but same with their cupcakes. On the sidewalk, I’d also run into a few locals that told me the same thing – that Georgetown Cupcake was overrated and that Baked was a much better choice.

So off we went, off M Street veered left and saw the queue building up oh so slightly outside onto the sidewalk.


The sights reminded me of when Sergio had taken me there last year after a training session. I’d gotten the chai tea cupcake and it’d blown me out of the water.


As I filed up with the rest of the crowd I saw the seasonal special, only appropriate as it was the beginning of the infamous cherry blossom season. I asked one of the baristas what it was comprised of and mentioning it was very sweet – cherry frosting with cherry pieces inside.


I came upon a red velvet cupcake which reminded me of my running partner in crime, Vee.


Finally I settled upon the so-called “Unporked Elvis” after much deliberation. Banana bread base with peanut butter creme and chocolate lacing on top. (Cupcakes sell for 3.50 plus tax individually.)



Let’s say I didn’t regret it. I loved it! Every bite was worth it as I had taken a seat in the back of the cafe to relax. There was a blackboard at the back of the cafe called the Baked Voice where people could write their thoughts briefly with sidewalk chalk.

After finishing up, I managed to burst through the burgeoning crowd back outside and caught a few interesting sights strolling along M Street.


Strolled to Key Bridge…


Craziest sneaker I’ve ever seen…at DC’s City Sports on M Street.


All in all, a cool calm night…although at some point next chance I get I will need to hit up Georgetown Cupcake before I can jump on the overrated bandwagon…or refute their argument.

Even if I have to jump in a queue 3 times longer than it’s competitors. Surely there has to be a reason, right?

Restaurant Info:
Baked and Wired | 1052 Thomas Jefferson Street NW | Washington, DC 20007 | 202.333.2500 | Website


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