Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is…

…all $94.23 that is.

Now can I put my mileage where my mouth is?

Well, I think I’m going to come up with an 18-19 week training plan first.

But I know I can do this.

I’m in DC this week. After leaving the client, I came back to my hotel.

MCM 2011 had opened for public registration 23 February at noon. I registered at around 7pm that night after my 7 mile run. I figured that in past years, it took about 5 days for the race to sell out. Fastest on record was 60 hours in 2005.

Good thing I registered on Day 1. Today the 24th, at 4:04pm – 28 hours and 4 minutes later – the race sold out.

Yes, I’m confirmed, I’m in. Let the journey begin.

And I posted that mantra on Facebook, all else be damned. I needed to tell the world. I’m sick of having to hide everything all the time. I had posted it as MCM, leaving out the word “marathon” figuring that my nosiest, most conservative family members (the ones whom I haven’t blocked yet on Facebook) would just read it and pass it by.

Of course, my friends, some of them unaware of my family issues were like “OMG way to get in the marathon!” That will get someone ratting me out to my mother, but I’m just done with that. I don’t care anymore, from what I’m being told regardless, I might have to be fighting an arranged marriage for the next two years. So hiding – or telling the world – is irrelevant.

I just want to focus on the training, and the people that I’ll be training with. Managing this with my schoolwork and my career. A half is much easier, but when you’re running ten miles and it’s NOT your long run…and I’m not the fastest runner in the world. That’s a lot of time to sacrifice. But I also know I can do it.

I really need to get my behind in the weight room and get ahold of my trainer again to balance my weighttraining and my running.  I’ve used a couple of generic training plans I found online, unfortunately that has me doing one weighttraining workout on the day of my hard runs and the second on the day after my long run.

Need to build up on knowledge…and some muscles. At least my legs and abs, bloody hell.

30 October 2011. 26.2 miles (or 42.2 km, depending on where you’re from).

All else be damned, let the journey begin.


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