Another Update

Survived hell week. Did just fine on my exams. Wrapping up an ethics paper.

I’m here in DC for another week. Just taking it one day at a time. Working on an ethics paper and keeping up with my mileage in the evening.

Jockeying for a new place to live due to personal circumstances that I am being told will get worse over time. Thank goodness my lease ends in May because I do not want to break it.

In other news? Signed up for my first marathon, which I’ll elaborate on later.

Finally, two weeks ago, I bought myself my first smartphone, an iPhone. It’s amazing how it changed my behaviour. My ex would always complain that I never picked up or never used my phone – this was when I had my old phone. And then I break up with him and then a week later, I get the darned iPhone and now I have it on my person all the time – except when I’m sleeping. Needless to say, the next person in my life won’t be having that complaint.

As far as blogging and tweeting are concerned….thank you WordPress and TweetDeck apps!

Work is busy, but it’s holding up. It’s good.

And in the meantime I’ve gotten myself out there. I’m meeting people in my grad school class and my alum networks. Even managed to have someone ask me out for coffee and conversation. Hey, when I’m back from DC, we’ll see how it goes.

I’m breathing. One day at a time. Going to focus on the positive and manage the negative.

Need to slow down a bit…Virginia Beach short getaway coming up in mid-March and I will take the time to enjoy Shamrock Fest and hopefully PR. I think this is my first paid vacation in my entire life. I haven’t had a vacation since 2005, and whilst this one hardly counts (4 days) it is better than nothing. My last one in 2005 was 7 days and it was unpaid.

When you work and attend school simultaneously, you really can’t do much…

Thinking I should start planning something for winter 2012…with school a guarantee for another 3 years, the only free time I will have between now and graduation are the winter holidays. There is no break between spring/summer and summer/fall.


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