I’ve been busy. You’ll catch me best on Twitter more than my blog the next couple of weeks.

Work is dominating my schedule. The travel is nuts this month and next.

Grad school afterwards. I have first wave of midterms this week and next.

Also due to developments on the family side of things, I’ve got to be on the move, to well, move. Crossing my fingers for the best, but prepared for the worst.

I’ll survive…but do expect to see more of my commentary on Twitter the next two weeks and not the blog I’m afraid.

Bright side? I got out of an unfulfilling relationship, and I’m continuing to develop my relationships and friendships with that part of the family that will accept me and with people that I’m trying to reconnect with.

I’m keeping pace with my training schedule. It’s thankfully easy to take your sneakers wherever.

I’m alive folks. I’m just putting in my time.


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