On Fire

I just devoured a tiramisu espresso cupcake after dinner (which was a wild-caught salmon wrap) and it was the most bloody insane cupcake I’ve ever had.

I love DC because it’s got SO many cupcakeries!

Had this one from Hello Cupcake right here in Dupont Circle, where I stayed in DC all this week. Last night, went to Thaipoon with my cousins and their friends after happy hour on Black Fox, all venues of which were on Connecticut Avenue – ultimately the restaurant row in the Dupont Circle area.

And do I care that it probably WAS close to 350-400 calories?

Normally I would, but after a long day’s work AND 9 miles and change run this morning…

…no I don’t. I haven’t had a “real” dessert in awhile, so I figured I was due a treat.

About six weeks to go until my next half and I’m very excited, keep counting down the weeks – and the long runs.

I’m making LOADS of progress. I’m pacing noticeably faster at ALL distances on average, and I feel this is the result of weighttraining, and really pushing it with abs and legs. I’m feeling a lot more powerful running at a faster pace, so that’s big. Additionally, the swimming is also putting a lot of pressure on arms and abs whilst preserving my joints, so I’m happy about that as well.

My colleague Sergio is somewhere drinking something down in Miami as he readies up for the ING Miami Marathon, for which he is running the half. I’m awfully jealous of him, although he reminded me that he’d feel the same way about me in 5-6 weeks.

“Your race is being sponsored by a beer company,” he scolded me one afternoon, “I rest my case.”

Of course it’s a St. Paddy’s Day oriented race too.

But with each passing week, I’m getting in all my mileage, and all my weighttraining even on the road. I’m not happy with the recent snowstorms in the Northeast that I’m always being kept indoors on the dreadmill, but I’m getting through it. At some point I need to be outside though so my body can acclimate to the cold – I do not want a rude awakening should temperatures plummet race weekend in Virginia.

I just have to keep pushing through. Really don’t care for the cold or snow.

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