Speed of Light

If I had to name a song of the moment, at least of my life, it’d have to be Britt Black’s Speed of Light.

Ever since my first class, my life’s been going at warp speed, both in the office, at school and for the most part, even in my personal life, and even in my own world.

My training runs are going just like that. The time flies when I’m doing schoolwork, the group projects, the walks to Rittenhouse whether it be for schoolwork or for hanging out with friends.

And multitasking has yet again become a staple of my life.

I can’t say this is a bad thing. But some people don’t seem to understand how I’m not going insane. Some people even try and dictate how I should live my life. And I’m not even talking family at this point.

I’m starting to discover I have a thirst for the unusual, or at the very least wanting an interesting life. I don’t want to settle for the same routine that others have. Unusual people do unusual things, my cousin Adrian said to me when we were talking about the balance between work and personal life.

But I also don’t want to be made felt inferior or guilty for it. At the very least I could use a little more support in the pursuit of my goals and desires. The very process of achieving these goals is not a joke. It’s not easy.

The thought of working full-time whilst studying part-time is rather time-consuming, and even then that’s an understatement. A lot of people out there would rather do a full-time two year program. It is a lot easier to meet members of your cohort and it’s the only thing you have to focus on for two years – well that and your recruitment period your second year. (And of course your post-first year internship.)

But people who do part-time school don’t do it for the hell of it. In this economy, it’s dangerous to leave your job if you have one. Some people’s employers pay for your education and that number now is getting fewer, if you are one of the lucky ones and if you want to grow within your company, this is honestly the best possible option for you economically. And that’s the thing. For some of us – including and especially myself – it comes down to money. Particularly because my mother was effective in stopping supporting me early on as an undergrad, but unfortunately I was too far along as an undergrad where transferring would have been a pain, plus I didn’t even have the money to move. Scary.

So I’m doing both now. And I’m embracing it, time management as a post-bac has served me well, so I’m taking advantage of every opportunity I can get. Yes I’m tight on time, but I work well that way. And even if I didn’t, I’d have to force myself to do so. I’m in a position where I’m one of the few without a master’s plus I may want to move elsewhere. Either way, my new degree will help a lot.

And people who want to give me nothing but sarcasm can just turn the other way. I know my strengths in all facets, and my friends support me no matter what I do. Of course, I am finding out who my true friends are in all this, but I guess it’s one of those painful lessons learnt.


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