Adventures of the (Adult) Student-Athlete

So I think I may just have time management down…now the real question is, do I have energy management down?

Because of my travel for work, this first semester of graduate school, I’ve got to take a couple of classes on Saturdays. Thankfully my university has a LOT of weekend options, and needless to say it is one of the biggest reasons that I chose the program in question, in addition to the quality of the MBA program itself.

Of course, Saturdays are also the days where I do my longer runs. And on the days where I do my long runs, I develop an extremely (and I mean extremely) voracious appetite (like any other runner) and my sense of thirst understandably shoots through the roof.

So I ran 8.5 miles Saturday morning, running a loop in and through Washington Square West and Old City. My class started at 1pm at the university’s main campus, which meant that I had to take the orange line (the subway) to the main campus – about an 8 minute ride. Thing is the trains on the weekends only come in every 12 minutes. So I had to block the time accordingly. Luckily most of my classes are on the Center City campus so most of the time I’m walking to school, but not on the weekends. Ah well.

I finished my run around 10:30am, grabbed something to eat around 11am, and headed to the subway at 12:15pm. How did I fare through class?

Well I had no problem paying attention to the professor and participating in the class discussions, about midway through the class, I had pangs of thirst and hunger clawing in. The 22oz bottle of water that I had carried to class I had learnt the hard way was NOT enough (I had already taken in 30oz of fluid in either during or after the run itself). And in the rush to get to class, I’d forgotten my canister of gala apple slices.

Needless to say, the last hour of class was brutal. My eyes were fixated on the professor, and even the other students were getting tired (the class was 3 hours 20 min long), but I’m not sure any of them ran the mileage I did before class.

That said, lesson learnt: I can definitely do mileage before class, but I need to have more than 22 oz of water, AND I need to bring snacks with me. Heck even a protein bar for that matter, once I exceed the 10 mile mark. And then again, quite a few snacks at that to sustain an even more voracious appetite that I’ll have on Saturdays.

Such is life, but it is what it is. I have no regrets; I just learn along the way.


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