Let the Journey Begin

It feels good to be a student again. In spite of the travelling I’ve been doing, I managed to be able to swing down last weekend for orientation, meeting a lot of my new peers. We had a networking event after orientation, naturally in Rittenhouse Square where we spent the evening chatting over beer, polenta, bruschetta, and a load of other appetizers I couldn’t figure out half the time what they were.

Yep, add one more title to my list of “hats” – graduate student.

I must have met at least half the roster of my statistics class, a third from ethics, and a few more from my communications class, all of which I am taking this semester. My first class (ethics) is tomorrow, so it will be nice going in knowing some people. Not to mention I ran out of business cards yet again, so I know that must be a good thing. Additionally, I had also met a number of students in some of the other MS degree programs: accounting, finance, financial engineering, actuarial science.

We’re about a week into the semester and there’s a few things I am already a bit surprised about.

1 I’m not feeling overwhelmed.
2 I’m not binge eating like I used to as an undergrad.
3 Even with my travel, I actually have “me” time.
4 I don’t feel rushed in my workouts now that I’m a student.
5 I may actually be able to hold a social life and develop friendships, etc. unlike in the past.

I know it’s just the start of the semester, but if I can continue to stay on top of my schoolwork and keep motivated in all aspects, I can achieve all my goals – running, work, school, and wow, even personal – for the first half of the year.

Well maybe not completely, family is an ongoing problem, but with respect to the non-family portion of personal, things could go really well in spite of the hectic schedule.

In the past, I felt forced to give up my personal life, but that just might no longer be the case. We’ll see what happens as this semester progresses. If things continue to stay good…maybe it’s just a small sign of how far I might have really come in the past decade.

So here it is, my first semester. Let it begin and bring it on.


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