New Start

So here I am. After five years and some change, here I am, a first-year graduate student. To say the least, it feels very weird. I talked to my friend (and ex, admittedly) from college, who is presently a first-year graduate student himself at University of California, San Diego, studying for his PhD in political science.

“I’m taking the worst course in the world: game theory!” he complained.

“You could be taking microeconomic theory,” I replied, reminding him of the class that was his absolute worst nightmare as a double economics and political science major at UPenn.

It almost feels weird that I’m excited about school again, but having talked with a fellow colleague who is taking law school part time as he works, you are excited in the beginning, but you reach a point where you feel it will never end. He has gotten through six semesters now, and he has four to go. And I remember my Villanova post-bac days. And when my last final of my last semester was over – I’ll be straight up – I got plastered. I was so insanely happy to be done with school, at least for awhile.

Of course, there were my CPA licensure exams. Those took a hell of a lot of time to study for, but again, once I was done, I went out for a few drinks.

Now, grad school. I know it’s not insanely hard, but it’s no joke either. Most people have warned me of the group work, so now I really have to be careful with travelling on the weekends. This semester I’m taking a statistics and a “check the box” human resources course so I don’t have that to worry about. Later on, it will get interesting.

Overall, I am also looking very much forward to the networking and making new friends in the GBC. I am very excited to break into a new community of people who share at least a few of the same values and ambitions as I do. I’ve been out of the loop but I have re-developed my social circles lately, and I know it’s only getting better from here on out.

Time management, I know I got this down. No fear. Keep waking up at 5am and just keep plugging out. Nothing’s changed from the fall, and now it’s not going to be a shock when the class actually kicks in.

I’m so excited to start anew again, to complete my masters and to meet another goal in life, and gain a whole new network with it. Bring it on.


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