Partner in Crime

And that, my friends, would be my cousin Adrian.

So I found out at this year’s typical family gathering in DC that Adrian was a definite go for MCM 2011. He approached me as usual saying he was going to start getting in shape and training for MCM.

“I thought about it, and I definitely want to get into shape,” he said. “But I don’t just want to complete it, I do want to get a decent time on this one. Seriously as the weather gets warmer we should train together especially if your employer keeps sending you down to DC as often as they do.”

Music to my ears!!! YES! Now I have a partner in crime to help me tackle my first marathon. Especially mastering the climbs, even if slight, through Rosslyn (mile 3), Georgetown/Rock Creek at mile 8, and the Arlington Cemetery entrance (mile 26) leading up to the finish line at Iwo Jima. Of course this was from last year’s course map, but I imagine the course will be very close to last year, if not identical.

Elevation Chart for MCM.

Course map here.

Obviously with my parents in another room of my aunt’s house in southern Maryland, we had to keep the conversation low as possible to prevent her from hearing my plans to keep on running. As stated previously, she is under the impression that ShamrockFest in Virginia Beach is my last race and even with that race in the midst of a family reunion, she has been harping on me relentlessly for running the half.

Adrian asked me how I planned on getting in shape and keeping in shape through the year. Told him that barring injury, I was well on my way and spewed out the halfs I planned on running prior to MCM.

My brother Marcus’ jaw dropped upon hearing my full schedule for 2011.

“You are insane,” he remarked half sarcastically. “I don’t want to discourage you at all, but not only is that physically ambitious, but do you know how much trouble you’d be in if Mom found out? Pretty much end of your life.”

“I’m so over her,” I replied, “does it look like I give a fat rat’s [behind]? She’s already beating the crap out of me over running Shamrock.”

In the coming months, Adrian and I will be exchanging workout routines; I already recommended he read up on Hal Higdon’s Marathon as well as a host of other materials to understand exactly what he’ll be getting himself into. I’ve already sent him my workout/training charts for my halfs as well as what I think I might be doing as I train up for MCM later on.

Either way, I’m looking forward to the journey, and all the more better I’m doing it alongside someone in the family! Marcus is still considering whether to do it, as he is unsure whether his insane work schedule will allow him to train let alone eat properly for the race.


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