And Now…My Other Checklist

My running checklist.

The big one: New running sneakers. I need to head to Rittenhouse to at least try a decent new pair on…and then some. This should have been done…yesterday.

My current good pair have about 300 miles on them. So by the next half, they will have to be retired. Damn I need that second pair!

Clothing and gear: I’m set, almost. Probably could use a small belt to hold my essentials. Probably a set of earmuffs and winter gloves for winter training. Oy. Should have bought those at the expo in November…egh.

My weighttraining has gone along well, and I am sticking to my plan. Right now, I’ve been told to stick to weightlifting twice a week. If I do more, work on the chest or arms on the days I’m running. I need to NOT tax my legs as much.

I’m still doing my stretches. My quads are still not quite as strong, but I need to be patient.

Also need to restock on my training gels. That will be closer to March.

Finally, save the dates and register for my races. Odyssey Half in May, uh should have done that one yesterday. The fee goes up 1 Feb, so I need to do that. Like, yesterday.

MCM? Marking my calendar for 23 Feb at 10:20am. I am hoping I am not stuck on the road with limited internet and/or poor reception though. Guess I’ll have to get myself to a cafe if I have to…oy.

Philly’s RnR in September, I have plenty of time. Fee doesn’t go up until June 2011.

I’m also taking Nate’s advice and watching my heart rate, and pushing myself according to heart rate. It feels weird, but it feels good.

The training I’m taking it in stride. I’m pushing a slightly faster pace as a result, and I hope with the lifting my results improve. Set my goals little by little.

I am lifting more, and I’m happy with that.

Little by little.

I’m still running with Jeff. He’s fine with running 3-5 miles but he won’t go any further, he has admitted to me he won’t enjoy it past that level. It’s fine. But our shorter runs are time spent together. A few runs is better than nothing. I’ll take it.

The Philly Runner team will continue to train during the offseason, but I will continue to train with more of my friends in the city. I’ve got plenty of companions for group runs. No worries there.

I’m going to be patient with myself as I continue training. Small goals, little by little. No need to get greedy, but I’ll push myself enough.

Little by little. Come March, I become anxious to see the product of my hard work and patience. And of course, I revel in the fun that I’ll have during ShamrockFest.

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